TECDEMIS - Turkana ECDE Management Information System.


Turkana ECDE Management Information System(TECDEMIS) is an Integrated ECDE management system which aims to bring much needed simplicity to the management and administration of ECDEs in Turkana County. . It is a Data and Information Management tool, aimed at centralizing information on the ECDE sector for better accessibility for government and other key stakeholders


The Objective of TECDEMIS is to help streamline the data management for informed decision-making and planning of the education sector by hosting student / pupil data, linked to a Unique Identifier that is randomly generated using a verifiable algorithm. Specific objectives include:

(1). Online platform for capture of education data at school level (school and learner information);
(2). Platform that allows all education agencies to share data collected to ease and facilitate administrative and decision-making processes;
(3). Provide an integrated Business Intelligence (BI) that provide statistics used to report national and internation indicators in education and training sub-sectors;
(4). Provide flexibility of handling of resources (including infrastructure support, texbooks and facilitation of school feeding programmes) that go to education institutions;
(5). Help in tracking of costing parameters in education and training;
(6). With inclusion of GIS components, Online Platform will help in geographical analysis of education indicators (including production of various maps much needed in the education sector).


An ECD Sector with competitive quality education to foster sustainable child growth and development.


To provide quality education and infrastructure for ECDE learning institutions in Turkana county.

GIS Location Of ECDE Centre